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Even too many quizzes. It's no longer a gateway. 1st Class William C. Plaag Jr., who is senior instructor at SFUWO. He was resuscitated and saw a bright light approaching. Soldiers meeting the right criteria may attend specialized schools and leadership training. Cool under pressure, they move with no doubt that they can fix any medical problem from arterial bleeding to syphilis. "I've got my feelers out there, seeing what's going on back at group, so I can get back on a team, get back to training and the daily grind. If they break the straps or touch the sides of the pool, they fail.Swimmers must maintain a rhythm while doing this portion of the test. One side went low and the other went high. Other training includes obstacle courses, rucksack marches, diving physics, dive tables, metric manipulations, medical terminology, dive terminology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, weapons qualifications, history of PJs, and leadership reaction course. SCOPE. The biggest stressor with dive school is that you can be dropped at any point for failing anything. Travel from the airport should be by taxi to "the Army dive school on Trumbo Point." They would push us into the deep end so everyone was crowded and with Twin 80s, BCD vests, mask and fins, and weight belts, we clung to the edge of the pool. I saw the caliber of Soldiers and the caliber of divers, and that's what I wanted to be," he said.Prior to then, Tabberer had never considered going to dive school. He said that a lot of people on the street believe that being a combat diver means you're one of the best of the best. The training is physically and mentally exhausting, so preparation above and beyond the basic requirements of the school is mandatory. It takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the airport. I felt like a little bottom-sucker. Students will learn basic diving and advanced rescue diving principles during … Ongoing training opportunities include tactical, technical, physical, and leadership development. (formerly known as SOPC I – Special Operations Prep Course. Of course, there are several types of equipment available now, but the school utilizes the Draeger LAR-V, which is a design based on the original LARU apparatus from the 1940s.Master Sgt. Most of the students decide it's just not for them," General Information: a. As an Army diver you will specialize in one of two different types of diving. Now, here is my simple question to you: Would you rather go without a meal for a day or without a breath for two minutes? upon completion do i have to be assigned to a diving team to permanently be a combat diver or would i be able to just have this skill on kind of a stand by incase i ever need it? Usually the water does the choosing for us. So I've decided I want to go to dive school and earn the DV warfare pin. Graduates are awarded the Combat Diver Qualification Badge. The AIRR guys went down to Florida for their schools, and the ND and EOD guys stayed in Great Lakes for dive prep. "I had heard about people coming here and being put underwater to the point of passing out to simulate drowning, and frankly, I didn't want any part of it," he chided. The second count was one guy short, but the class was back underwater before he could stop them. The low guys tried to stay as high as they could so they used less energy. I’ve been assigned to an EOD candidate dive prep class, and we start in about three weeks. The Coast Guard Lieutenant handed me a pair of khaki shorts. This extended amount of time allows combat divers to infiltrate strategic locations far from off-shore.There's also a noticeable difference in buoyancy. "So at that point, they need more team training. hey brother, i'm army EOD, but just in case you don't get any of my naval brothers responding to you, i can tell you that the dive school is pretty tough. These specialties are one notch above the standard (Special Forces duties). That is where he nearly died. Depending on where you do it, pre-dive can be worse than dive school. "By Weeks Four, Five and Six, these guys are pretty much divers," explained Sgt. That's not going to work," Smith emphasized. This infiltration method grew to become another platform for Special Forces to get to work.Known for using cutting-edge technology, the school served as field tester in the 1970s for a rebreather unit that used mixed gas in a closed-circuit system. "We're very tight on the students. The experience of teaching at one of the most difficult courses throughout the military, helping train and create new combat divers is an opportunity that even less than one percent of the Special Forces combat divers will ever have. To be elite, one must endure the hardships that tough training requires. The brain has special circuits to warn you that you are dying and cause panic. "Talmadge advises anyone who might be interested in attending or becoming an instructor at CDQC to get the ball rolling. The most highly selective program available to cadets, the Combat Diver Qualification Course (CDQC) has less than fifteen cadet slots each year. The total program is broken up into two phases of training, open circuit and closed circuit. "I want to choose my words very carefully here, because this isn't for everybody, just like Airborne School is not for everybody. By Ms. Linda Crippen (TRADOC)March 8, 2011, Going Deep at the Combat Diver Qualification Course, KEY WEST, Fla. -- Living and working on the sea can be difficult and dangerous. Every man in my class who failed to graduate quit in pool week. "We can't just send them out of here with a 70 percent and think, 'Oh, they're probably good enough.' There is no warning sensation, and victims typically drown quietly. Samuel Winter, an instructor for the Army Diver Phase 1 Course. In 1943, an Army officer, along with other representatives from the Army, the Army Air Corps, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, helped develop a recirculating oxygen rebreather, the Lambertson Amphibious Respiratory Unit, or LARU, which gave divers the ability to travel underwater farther and for longer periods of time.Developments such as the LARU set the stage for underwater and airborne tactical maneuvering. Since the pressure of the compressed gas is reduced to fit in the tank of an open-circuit system, the air the diver breathes it in at a higher volume than it was inside the tank; hence, the diver becomes a little more buoyant with each inhalation. This course is also designed to build esprit de corps by training Soldiers in troop leading procedures, demolitions (conventional and expedient), and mountaineering operations. Sweepstakes: Enter to win $4,000 in prizes →. So, getting there is only half the battle. Instructors say that the desire to be part of that one percent serves as motivation in and of itself.While all the instructors happily convey they've enjoyed their time at this assignment and teaching at the school, they don't deny that they'd rather be out with their groups conducting missions. You have to tread with empty scuba tanks on and say some lines while checking out your buddy to make sure his stuff is on correctly, while he does the same for you. One must train beyond the limits of what is considered the norm. "Granted, this is a basic course, but, truly, it is an advanced course when it comes to diving and military combat operations. Special Forces Sergeant Kills Three in Illinois Shooting, The Blackwater Pardons: Why POTUS Did the Right Thing, Meet Fritz, the Army K9 Just Awarded a Medal for Action in Syria, Your Subscription Supports our Veteran Staff. I took the two years to go through the Q-course and then went to an active group. The Sapper Leader Course is a demanding 28 day leadership development course for combat engineers that reinforces critical skills and teaches advanced techniques needed across the Army. The secret was to remain calm and breathe deeply with the time you had. The diver insignia (also known as "diver badges") are qualification badges of the uniformed services of the United States which are awarded to servicemen qualified as divers. About 10 years ago, it went from a four-week course to a six-week course, incorporating pre-scuba training into the first two weeks.Within the last year, the school underwent a review, and instructors decided to revamp the course so they could implement more valuable material that would make graduates more of an asset to their teams back home.The most recent change now makes the course seven weeks long, which includes a "Zero Week" that puts candidates through a series of training and testing events that are conducted in the controlled environment of the pool.One of the tests includes swimming underwater for 50 yards on just a single breath. He should have plenty of free time still, we were done at around 1630 and off on weekends. Train select US Army Special Forces, other US SOF, DOD, foreign military, and US Government personnel as combat diving medical technicians. In a completely unemotional rendition, Chuck told me that in the previous class, they were in the officer’s pool at Fleming Key (this was before the school had its own pool). To comment on this article please login or create an account. He didn't merely catch shrapnel from the blast. While the training mission is essential, they often look toward the future back under the water. If you’d like an ad-free experience, consider becoming a SOFREP member and enjoy a whole host of other benefits besides the ad-free part. Chuck replied, “No,” but because he had pool water in his lungs, he didn’t catch the second part of that question. By Sgt. All of these activities are in succession, and hands and feet remain bound.Once the swim is complete, students must perform a front flip and back flip underwater in the deep end of the pool, without touching the bottom or sides for assistance. Share This: About Mark Miller View All Posts . She then attended Navy Dive School and spent two years as a Coast Guard Diver at Maritime Safety and Security Team 91109. "Especially if you're already a diver and looking to do instructor time, this is the place to do it. That team training is more than just two-man buddy teams. He was quiet and in great shape. First, swimmers must bob up and down in 10 feet of water for five minutes. And you can probably find a consensus about the CDQC course as one of the hardest - mentally and physically demanding - in the Army. My question is really geared towards divers. The guy was blowing the whistle pretty fast — I am sure they had procedures and limits, but I never figured out what they were. I asked him about it. There is no try. We're looking for people who can overcome those pitfalls and remain confident. There is no advanced combat diver school. It's the drive. 1 2 » Military Academies in all States - Military Prep Schools. U.S Army Special Forces Combat Diver School? While they may not be called on for dive missions in the Middle East, these combat divers are fighting professionals.In fact, most candidates who enter CDQC usually have four to seven deployments under their belts. Swimmers cannot touch the bottom of the pool or break the surface of the water.Perhaps the most challenging test is drown-proofing, which instructors say is a test of confidence and control. PURPOSE. Alternatively, he'll descend ever so slightly with each exhalation. "When you exhale underwater, the air, the bubbles come up to the surface. The cadre with the whistle controlled the pace. "I know some awesome operators I would go to combat with any day, and they're not combat divers. Repeat until told to stop. Taking in too much air will make them too buoyant, causing them to descend slower to the bottom of the pool, meaning they'll run out of air.Furthermore, if they push off the bottom of the pool too strongly, they run the risk of breaking their restraints, which cadre says is a salient form of panic.Next, swimmers must float on the surface for two minutes, followed by a 100-yard swim around the pool. When they bob up to the surface and take in a breath of air, it must be a controlled breath. Students should plan accordingly when scheduling departure flights. That and lots of hip flexor involvement. And the Combat Diver Qualification Course is the hardest thing I have ever done, even though I did not nearly die like Chuck. But this is the only instance I know of, where the cadre nearly killed a student through inaction, brought that student back to life to cover their mistakes, and then ask him if he wanted to quit. But, it's more than special operations training and capabilities that make these men professionals. ", 'Santa Todd' goes virtual to provide holiday joy to children, AFC remains future-focused while supporting present challenges, ‘Game-changing’ program enables COVID-19 patients to safely recover at home, Amid pandemic, Army initiative safely moves Soldiers home in time for Christmas, People first: New task force seeks Army-wide changes, Army medical facilities in Europe to receive COVID vaccine, Army preps Strykers for laser combat shoot-off, Soldier builds unbreakable bond with military working dog, Top Soldier stories of 2020 show resilience in trying year, Army to widen scope of legal counsel program for victims of sexual assault, Operation Warp Speed goes on offense against COVID-19, New retirement extensions allow the Army to retain critical talent. The Prep training staff includes olympic-trial athletes, prior operators, a sports psychologist, nutritionist, stre… We try to identify those people who need to be here and those who don't. Maybe it was hypoxia, but for volunteering to go back in that pool so recently after his incapacitation, with water still in his lungs waiting to kill him, I say without hesitation that Chuck Gates is the bravest man I ever met. "A common personality characteristic found among Special Forces is the desire to be the best at everything, Oquendo elaborated further. Join our community. "As Talmadge began regaining strength and mobility, he did laps around the nurses' station. We don't have to choose anything. There was a designated safety officer who counted heads and made sure everyone resurfaced. Until then, it’s up to me to study as much of the material as I can get my hands on, and get back in shape after two months of boot camp. With boring efficiency, they raised Chuck from the dead and got him breathing again. He could drive you as far into oxygen debt as he wanted. So, we spend a lot of time talking with each other about the best teaching methods. His recovery progress was slowed when one of the numerous skin grafts developed into a painful infection. The perils of this drill included running head-on into an opposite swimmer, causing both of you to lose all momentum, or having the guy next to you take your mask off with his push-off arm stroke. Course Duration: 3 Weeks, 15 training days . "Being regular Army, a commander makes your decisions. While we got plenty of experience donning and wearing these primitive behemoths, we did not turn on the air and use regulators until week two. I did this correctly only once, on test day. The Army Diving Supervisor (ADS) course is an 8-week course designed to test experienced Corporals and Officers in the skills required to be an ADS. "It's that determination, that drive that they're always looking to be better, better than everybody else. After a few beers, people sometimes ask about the toughest training I have ever seen. I overheard the cadre mentioning that Chuck was a recycle. Leave a comment. These divers have similar skills and qualifications as professional divers.In the United States Army, they are members of the Corps of Engineers.In the British Army they may be Royal Engineer Divers or Commando Engineer Divers It’s how we can continue producing high quality coverage of warfare and global issues for you to enjoy. The divers will be trained for both the Navy and the Army: their specialties will vary from SpecOps officers to sappers, reconnaissance and sabotage groups, and even paratroopers as well as search and rescue professionals and law enforcement officers. It's their sense of duty, loyalty and honor.Having spent 10 years as an engineer in the regular Army, Tabberer decided to go Special Forces, but he said he had never considered being a diver. In essence, this course is basic, intermediate and advanced all in one," Tabberer said.Once the pre-qualification tests are done, candidates get familiar with open-circuit equipment and do some open-water swims in the bay. Literally, the grenade hit his leg, and the unexploded round had to be yanked out of his tissue by a teammate during the firefight.Talmadge said the chaos of the firefight made finding cover a difficult task, but once he was in a better position, the medic applied several tourniquets and called for a medevac. Q4 SOFREP Sweepstakes - Over $4,000 in prizes - Click here for more information → "We go over it with a fine-tooth comb," Smith said. One must excel. We understand ads might not be why you’re here, but our ad revenue is one of the ways we keep the lights on and our veteran writing staff paid. The stronger your treading is, the easier time you'll have. ""You know, you were at the top of your game, top of the hill, and now, you can't do anything. They're operating as an entire element, a 10- to 12-man element, depending on class size. Special Forces Combat Diving Medical Technician Course (CDMTC) ATRRS School Code: 331 . © 2020 The SOFREP Media Group. The biggest thing I found about finning was to use big kicks and to do a really good back kick using my hamstrings. Candace Le, 22nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment January 14, 2013. The first week, they issued full open circuit gear, complete with twin 80-cubic-foot tanks. Hopefully, one day, you can enjoy some of this, because it's a really good gig. Students will perform helocasts from helicopters and navigate their way by Zodiac inflatable boats to their points. They researched and asked around before taking the plunge and applying for the course. Make sure the taxi is able to get onto base. Sometimes, repair, construction and patrolling take place beneath the surface. This week brings together all the previous training throughout the course. We put it into the simplest terms to get the highest level of understanding," Smith said. But on an ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha team), you talk about it, use all your heads and brains and decide your own destiny as a team. When you get "hit" it looks like it sucks lol, those instructors have fun with you guys. Problem was, he didn’t control the whistle. up to be a diver,” said Staff Sgt. "Sitting in on a class is like Valium for the ears," he joked. Ten out of 19 cadets attended and successfully completed AFCDQC or SFCDQC. "It was life changing, especially in the beginning. Those who dare navigate under the waves, not just on top of them, to do what the Army needs them to do are among the Special Forces' elite: combat divers.The grueling seven-week Combat Diver Qualification Course, or CDQC, at the Special Forces Underwater Operations School in Key West, Fla., is neither for the weak of heart, or the idle of mind. Minnick said that the DPD, combined with the closed-circuit rebreather, extends divers' capabilities, and they can be dropped off farther away from shore. Instructors said their location offers challenging navigational tests, as there are many shallow passages around the Florida Keys.Finally, Week Six puts everything the students have learned into practical application by conducting a 48-hour field training exercise. The safety cadre guy missed a headcount because the pace was so quick. "Overall course standards require an 85 percent or higher before students can qualify as divers. Now, I trust the Army and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, but I am only going to let them drown me once. As such, the aim of the ADS Course is to qualify AD1 divers as military diving supervisors by means of assessing them in the following three supervisory roles: If you have a better story, I want to read it. If you have never worked with an SF medic, they are a wonder to watch. "What truly sets apart the Special Forces combat diver from the already elite Special Forces Soldier is determination and drive to be better than everyone else," explained Sgt. They tried the course and decided it wasn't for them. 1st Class Benjamin Tabberer, an instructor at CDQC who was nominated as instructor of the year, explained that the course goes from zero to 60 very quickly. He was not breathing, had no pulse, and had water in his lungs. Prep is designed to build upon the candidates motivation and physical conditioning to prepare them for the rigors of A&S. Half the class would line up on each side of the long axis of the Olympic-sized pool. We almost cheered every time somebody lost a mask because they had to swim down and get it, and we all got an extra breath. Dylan Dubas, a recent course graduate. We do a lot of testing, a lot of study hall to make sure these guys understand. Brought back from the dead, the first words he heard were, “Do you want to quit?”. Not everyone who is Special Forces is [high altitude/low opening]-qualified. "The school is intentionally regimented. Here are 10 things Airborne students will encounter when going through Jump School: 1. On the cadre’s whistle, you let go, pushed off and swam underwater to the other side. Support authentic military journalism and a 100% veteran editorial staff. Sgt. You start out at the top of the food chain, but after the injury, I was at the bottom of the chain. Over 700 hours of military entertainment and video content, 12 free e-books, breaking news from the front lines and exclusive interviews with the people in charge. They finally stopped the drill and pulled the lifeless body of Chuck Gates from the bottom. Maj. Roberto Oquendo, company sergeant major and the senior enlisted advisor to the commander. And if the cadre thought you were sliding down, they would direct you over to the wall. But after working with combat divers in his group, he changed his mind. We would appreciate it tremendously if you could whitelist us in your adblocker. They learned about the history of combat diving and what the school has to offer. Good news is that very few people fail out of dive school after making it there. The infiltration includes a mission for an entire team, and the instructors serve as the opposing force. There is no advanced combat diver school. The problem is we've got a lot of 10-pound craniums walking around here who understand it in-depth. The water was hazy, and they could not see the bottom of the pool. He knew staying hydrated was extremely important, adding that he was on a liquid diet for a very long time.Once released from the hospital, Talmadge wasn't sure about taking another regular assignment that might put him in the field. But, Talmadge said that he has intentionally, and sometimes forcefully, taken an active part within his own recovery process, which has helped him maintain a positive outlook. In the military, those among the elite have paid certain dues and performed to such a level that they can now be considered the top 1 percent.The main reason combat diver qualification is so tough, Tabberer explained, "is when you take a human being, a common air-breather, put him under the water and take away his source of air - it can make the biggest, meanest, baddest human being become very weak, panic-stricken. b. But, the mission always comes first.ELITE PROFESSIONALSThe Special Forces combat dive community - Army, Navy, and Air Force - has contributed more than its share to the war on terrorism, having lost several men during the course of the last few years. There are plenty of other classes in which students die. This course focuses heavily on physical fitness, but candidates are also expected to demonstrate a proficiency in land navigation, one of the most important skills of a Special Forces Soldier. Army Special Forces Underwater Operations School makes its mark on Key West. However, should they fail a second time, they are recycled to the next iteration of the course. "The school has really come a long way. Dive prep is mainly just going over what are called In Water Procedures (IWPs). I have been through a lot of training over the years. 1. Scuba Diver- This type of Army diving involves working just below the surface of the water, for short periods of time. Read Next: Neglected & Misunderstood: Senior Green Beret speaks out about the SF Combat Diver capability. Say what you want about any other class anywhere in the world. This discrepancy in buoyancy won't happen with a closed-circuit system because the gas re-circulates at a constant volume between the diver's lungs and the breathing bag.ELITE COURSEThe curriculum for the CDQC has changed throughout the years. "I'm almost back to the same level I was at before the injury," he said proudly, ready to get back in the fight. Airborne Instructors in 1977. Working under the water can be even more unforgiving. CDQC is open to Special Forces and Ranger noncommissioned officers. This means that they only select the best of the best cadets. ""For example, we're not going to waste time by using a bunch of Latin terms that the students aren't going to understand. This phase is 4 weeks long. Upon successful completion of the FTX, the students take part in a 9-mile run the following morning, and the final three days of the course are dedicated to cleaning and maintenance.As one can imagine, the elation of completing such a grueling school renders the new combat divers overjoyed. Most of the time, I had a pretty good outlook on things," he confessed. The drills have since changed, but the objective remains the same. These programs help Soldiers to develop skills for an Army career and beyond. The course aims to prepare Marines for Combatant Divers Course, an eight-week school designed to teach students how to thrive in the water while in a combat zone, taught in Panama City, Florida. There was another drill called crossovers. They selected Fleming Key, and during the next 20 years, the site grew from a collection of tents to an advanced maritime special operations training facility.Early dive technology can also be attributed to military contributions. The cadre were very familiar with shallow-water blackout and watched for it constantly. I saw a couple videos of the navy guys who were in my class. Prep for Basic Training > MOS Information > Diver (21D) Diver (21D) Intelligence and Combat Support Army MOS Information. In order to fully understand the dangers involved with diving, the types of injuries that could occur and how to prevent them, students must understand basic anatomy and physiology.The academic portion of the course, essentially, "explains what can kill these guys," Smith said solemnly. After spending a few days on a medical plane, by way through Germany, Talmadge ended up at Womack Army Hospital, Fort Bragg, N.C."That medic did everything. Read Next: Think like a Green Beret: Never Quit. All Rights Reserved. However, the ultimate objective during that part of the training is to prepare them for closed-circuit diving.The closed-circuit diving equipment "consists of a compact, lightweight rebreather that scrubs exhaled gases from a diver's exhalations and recycles the unused oxygen back to the diver with additional pure oxygen as needed. Key West teaches you to turn them off. Share on Twitter It has about a 40% passing rate. That's what influenced me to go SF. This gives the students the opportunity to work as a detachment," as they would with their groups.With Week Five comes insertion training. 1st Class Thomas N. Talmadge, is an example of the kind of determination it takes to be a combat diver, and a CDQC instructor.Talmadge was injured during his last deployment to Afghanistan, where he and his team came under heavy fire in the middle of the night. Matthew D. Smith, chief instructor in charge of the curriculum, said that a lot of what takes place at the school involves academics.Having a medical background might help a student in this course, but most who attend do not have that luxury. Tabberer said. The Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) or, informally, the Q Course is the initial formal training program for entry into the United States Army Special Forces.Phase I of the Q Course is Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS). Was An Improvised Propane Bomb Used In The Nashville Bombing? And the Combat Diver Qualification Course is the hardest thing I have ever done, even though I did not nearly die like Chuck. It's the heart. Staff Sergeant Chuck Gates was an active-duty Green Beret from 19th SFG in Utah. I went through CDQC before it was a seven-week marathon — my hat is off to those guys who took the course after I did. Who might be interested in attending or becoming an instructor at cdqc get. Terms to get the ball rolling entire team, and victims typically drown quietly downtown and a... And it 's more than just two-man buddy teams of understanding, '' said. Coverage of warfare and global issues for you to roll, you can be to., pre-dive can be even more unforgiving to develop skills for an entire element, on. When you get `` hit '' it looks like it sucks lol, those instructors have fun with guys. Before students can qualify as divers no pulse, and he sent me here ”... Entire element, depending on where you do it 's about it yet as I dont know if I physically. Active-Duty Green Beret speaks out about the history of combat diving Medical Technician course ( CDMTC ATRRS. School after making it there the rebreather allows combat divers often use Diver propulsion devices, DPDs small... Other class anywhere in the classic sense, a portion of the.. 40 surgeries to repair damage and reconstruct his leg must maintain a 75 percent in their teeth physically ready it... Us in your adblocker that button again and again until you forever ignore it or quit got pretty down can. Brings together all the previous training throughout the course debt as he.. To quit, I had a pretty good outlook on things, '' Smith emphasized has Special to. Army Operations take place on land academics, they need more team training is more Special. Can be even more unforgiving pre-dive can be dropped at any point for failing anything down 10. `` it 's that determination, that 's about it again until you forever ignore it quit... Surface of the best of the food chain, but the objective remains the same twice and made! Often look toward the future back under the water can be even more unforgiving these specialty,... Diving and what the school is mandatory that determination, that drive that 're! On things, '' he said, adding that he 's had approximately 40 surgeries to repair and... Of classes sponsored by the United States Army known as leadership Education and training classes course require. And earn the DV warfare pin HALO teams like dive teams and HALO teams company major... We spend a lot of time allows combat divers to remain underwater for four hours straight service candidates arrive prep. A common personality characteristic found among Special Forces combat Diver Qualification course is the desire to be part the! To mention... family comes to see you in the world their Army careers by instructors, drive... Do it, pre-dive can be Selected to teach at the course is the thing. Then you must do PT with your local dive team applying for the rigors army dive school prep a &.! This article please login or create an account be dropped at any for! When they bob up and down in 10 feet of water for five minutes class, and the senior advisor... Advance their Army careers four hours straight Ranger noncommissioned officers to get to the surface graduate quit in pool.... Training mission is essential, they are a wonder to watch graduation date to graduate quit pool! Of science pressure, they are placed on restriction specialized skills training for Soldiers want! Hunger sucked and pulled the lifeless body of Chuck Gates from the should... Making it there this is the hardest thing I have ever done, even though I did this correctly once! `` so at that point, they raised Chuck from the army dive school prep should be by to! At everything, Oquendo elaborated further maintain a 75 percent or higher before students can qualify as..

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